1. Laster Bags Ltd. (as follows: “The Website”/”The Company”) - is a fashion website where a person can shop for the companies’ products, such as bags, wallets, shoes, clothing, fashion items and accessories. Purchasing the different models and items (as follows: “the items”) is through the website and is executed easily and quickly, which provides a friendly, safe and enjoyable experience.

  2. Your agreement of the website terms and their content are a condition to use the website, and without subduing the generality of what’s said, logging to the website and using it acts as an agreement by the user to the terms of use, and the user must act according to those terms.

  3. The company reserves the right to change or update the terms of use at any point as it sees fit.

  4. User - a customer, a temporary or occasional user that surfs the website, and/or purchases an item out of the items that are being sold on the website.



The Purchase Process in the Website:


  1. Purchasing items is allowed for an Israeli citizen and/or resident and/or a person with a legal residence permit that owns a valid credit card, who is over 18 year old.

  2. Purchasing on the website is available 24 hours a day.

  3. A user who is interested in buying items on the website, will mark the chosen item, size, color, amount and the delivery method, whether it’s registered mail, door-to-door delivery or personal pickup (as follows: “order”)

  4. Payment execution - payment is available on the app using a credit card or PayPal, as described later.

  5. To use a credit card: choose payment and write your credit card information as well as personal information such as: name, exact address, Email address, phone number and any other information that might be needed to execute the order.

  6. Charging the credit cards is through the clearing services of Transilla, who has an advanced and secure credit card clearing system.

  7. Once the order is complete the user will receive an Email with the order details, a final confirmation (as follows: “the final confirmation”) of the execution of the transaction, that will be approved only after checking the credit card details by the credit card companies (as follows: “the transaction”)

  8. item prices include VAT by law.

  9. Registering on the website will be used as an absolute rightful intention by the buyer to perform the actions, whereas sending Emails by the website will not be an absolute evidence to the buyer’s rightful intention and will not charge the website.

  10. The user commits to fill in their personal details only, and not fill in any third party details, and to use their true details such as their name, address, Email address, phone number, cell phone number and any other detail that might be requested to complete the purchase.

  11. The website management, through their judgment alone, can stop the purchase process at any time and with no prior notice, and is allowed to refuse to supply the items chosen by the user if false information was filled or is not real for any reason the management website will see to be right.

  12. The website management holds the right to cancel any transaction or order in any case where there has been an accounting mistake and/or an error of the shown price of an item and/or it’s description ande/or the delivery time, or any other mistake of any kind (as follows: “mistake”). When the management finds out of the mistake, the management will act to correct the mistake immediately, and will inform the users who have purchased that item of the mistake. Purchasing the items will be allowed to users only according to the true information that will be updated on the website and the users will have no claim and/or complain and/or demand and/or prosecution against the website management over canceling a transaction or for not supplying items.

  13. In case the transaction has not been approved by the credit card company, the user will receive an Email message and in that case they can contact customer support to adjust the order details within 7 days, otherwise the order will be canceled automatically.

  14. Delivery times will refer to the date in which the final confirmation from the credit card companies is received.


Items delivery:


  1. The purchased items on the website will be delivered provided that the credit card details the user has filled are correct and that the transaction was approved by the credit card company.

  2. Items will be supplied in Israel only, according to the address filled by the user.

  3. The items will be delivered using the method the user has chosen upon purchase: door-to-door delivery, registered mail or personal pickup.

  4. There will be a charge for the delivery that will be added to the total order price.

  5. In any case where supplying is impossible, such as an area with restricted access for security reasons, wrong address and so forth, the website management will contact the user to coordinate a new delivery or personal pickup.

  6. Item delivery time will be according to the postal companies instruction and the user is submitted and committed to them. When counting delivery days, only business days are accounted for (Sun-Thur, not including Fri, Sat and holidays).

  7. The website management is not responsible for delays caused by the postal and delivery companies and/or force majeure or shutdown.

  8. The website management holds the right to demand the user to be present upon delivery and to show an ID and/or credit card.

  9. The website management keeps the right to cancel delivery of items if there had been an accounting mistake or pen error about their price, description and delivery times and costs.


In case the item was sent via registered mail and not collected by the customer after two messages from the postal office, the customer will be charged for another delivery (15 NIS).


Personal pickup:


  1. There is an option to personally pickup the items from the Laster studio.

  2. It’s possible to request to personally pick up the items up to 1 day after the transaction is approved and while presenting the ID of the user who purchased the item. The personal pickup will have to be within 21 days of the transaction approval, otherwise this will be considered as a transaction cancellation by the customer.

  3. Collecting the item is available Sun-Thur 8am-5pm in 22 Mazeh street, Tel Aviv.


Canceling a transaction:


  1. Canceling the transaction will be in accordance with the consumer protection laws 1981 (as follows: “The Law”).

  2. Cancellation is available after executing the order and up to 14 days after receiving the items or a document of the order details (that contains details of the transaction and item), the later one.

  3. To cancel the order, you must contact customer support at

  4. A 5% cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund, in accordance with the law.

  5. In case the items were already sent to the customer’s address by the website management, the return delivery cost will be paid by the customer canceling the order, and the cancellation will be in accordance with the item return terms, with the original badges, package and with no flaw and/or stain and/or damage and/or tear of any kind.

  6. Item return will be done after coordination with the website management and the partial refund for the user will be executed once the items have returned in their original package with no flaws or harm.

  7. If the item is out of stock, the website management hold the right to cancel the transaction or offer another item, but without derogating the above, the website management is not responsible for any damage the user might suffer, such as but not just, a case where a user will purchase the item somewhere else for a higher price.

  8. The website management holds the right to cancel the transaction at any time and as it sees fit, such as a case where the user acted illegally and/or violated the terms of use and/or filled in wrong personal details and/or performed an action or act that might harm the apps integrity, image or normal operation and/or where there has been an accounting error, pen error or any other mistake in the description of the product, it’s price, delivery costs and so forth.


Return policies:


  1. It’s the user’s responsibility to check the item upon arrival for flaws, or if it’s different from the item they ordered. In case the item is defective or different and the user is interested to return it and not receive another item, the user can cancel the transaction within 14 days of receiving the item, by contacting website management. The customer is responsible to report any problem with the item within 24 hours of receiving it. In case the customer did not report any issue, the website management can decide on their own discretion whether the customer is eligible for refund or not.

  2. Defective items return will be at the expense of the company and after coordinating the return with customer service. The transaction will be canceled and the user will be refunded for the cost of the transaction within 14 days of receiving notice of the customer’s wish to cancel the transaction, in accordance with the days count previously mentioned. If the transaction was executed in several payments, so will the refund.


An item the user did not like:


  1. In case the user wants to receive another item because they don’t like it or it doesn’t fit well, the customer must contact customer support via Email or phone and announce their wish to exchange the item. The cost of return delivery in that case will be paid by the website,

  2. In case the user is not interested in receiving another item instead, they can cancel the transaction and receive a refund in accordance with the days count and the other terms for canceling the transaction.


Safe purchase:


  1. The app management takes Data Security very seriously. Our website was designed while prioritizing data security and online privacy, especially as this is an online shopping site.

  2. To keep your privacy and data secured, the credit clearing is carried out by Transilla, a company that follows the strict security standards required by the credit card companies (PCI, DDS).

  3. The company uses standard cautionary measures to ensure the safety and secrecy of the information. But, in a case of force majeure, and cases that are out of the company’s control, such us trojan horse injections by third parties, the website management and/or the company will not be held responsible to any direct or collateral damage the user will suffer and/or anyone acting on their behalf, including illegal use of their information by 3rd parties.


Privacy protection:


  1. Privacy policies are effective over any data or content the user has provided as they signed up for the website, and over the information collected about users as they surf the website.

  2. The website will not use this information without telling the user, or give access to it by employees of the company.

  3. Approving these terms of use, is an agreement by the user that the website management is allowed to use the information (personal details) that was received through the website and company servers, and agrees that the company will collect those details and data in the company’s database, except for credit card details, in order to contact them, send them mailings of the website changes and new sales, in any form of communication, as well as texts, fax, Email messages and so forth, for marketing purposes.


(The company commits there will be no usage of those details with 3rd party users.


Intellectual property:


  1. The intellectual property in the website include the website name, the server, web pages, web elements, database, trademarks, secret information, usage data collection, are the property of the website management and is solely under their control.




  1. Using the trademarks, content web pages, copyrights, web design, website name, copying, publishing, duplicating or publicly presenting or passing information from the website to 3rd parties is completely prohibited without receiving a clear written approval from the company management.

  2. The website and its contents are protected under the copyrights laws of Israel, and in other countries it is subjected to international conventions.


General terms:


  1. The user agrees, approves and declares they have read the terms of use and accepted their directions, and even if they did not read the terms of use, they agree that the terms of use will be applied to him and commit him in any case.

  2. The website management reserves the right to make changes in the terms of use and the website itself, to remove contents and ads, to change the structure or contents of the website, to change the costs, variety and supply of items, and to make any change it sees fit and on its own discretion from time to time with no prior notice.

  3. The usage of the website is given as is, and the customer releases the website management of any responsibility about dissatisfaction with the service the website provides, and if there is dissatisfaction, their only solution is to stop surfing and using the website services.

  4. The photos of items on the website are for illustration only, and there can be differences between the presented images in the app and in reality.

  5. Computer and server registration will be used as evidence for allegedly intending to execute the actions performed in the website.

  6. Website management is not responsible and will not be held responsible for any inaccuracy, delay and/or disturbance and/or mishap and/or disruption in details filled in the system or serveres of the website, and/or viruses and/or trojan horses and/or illegal penetrations and/or breaks and/or force majeure and/or property damage and/or physical damage and/or fraud and/or death caused by using the website.

  7. Using the website is in accordance with the laws of the country of Israel and in case of dispute, conflict and/or prosecution about these terms of use, the jurisdiction will be of the Tel Aviv, Israel competent court.

  8. In any problem, complaint or suggestion for service improvement, you can contact the website management via Email, phone - 03-5167186, or send a letter to the address:

Laster Bags Ltd.

22 Mazeh St.

Tel Aviv